Available Funds:
1,286,500 FG$
Invested Funds:
240,090 FG$
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Funding Game – Help Each Other to Succeed

Funding Game is web platform for entrepreneurs, looking to validate a new product or service, estimate the market demand for it, and get the support needed to launch it successfully. It may be also useful for investors, customers or supporters, who want to train their skills in business analysis, investments and usability testing, without the risk to lose real money in unsuccessful investments.

If you are an entrepreneur, take a look at our Entrepreneus page. If you are a prospective investor, customer or supporter, take a look at the Supporters page.

Funding Game supplies regularly its participants with fixed amounts of virtual money (called Funding Game Dollars or FG$). The participants can use these virtual funds throughout the game to “buy” shares in virtual companies. Think of these companies as entrepreneurial ventures for creating new products and services.

Funding Game can help you train your skills in business analysis and investments. As you are using only virtual funds throughout the game, there is no risk to lose real money in unsuccessful investments.

We believe that entrepreneurs and their supporters must join forces and help each other on the way to success. Use Funding Game as a way to successful product launch.

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